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George "Phil" Onda

George, the drummer for Thunderstruck, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey a couple of years before AC/DC was formed. Always a lover of music, George was born to rock. His musical tastes are quite varied, but classic rock and heavy metal was the music he loved most. He didn’t begin playing the drums until 2005, but ironically, the first song George learned to play was “Back in Black”. George has played in several bands and has been known to write a few songs as well. So when he happened to meet Jeff Young in 2013, naturally the two struck up conversation about music. Later, in 2015 when Jeff called to ask George to fill in on a gig, George was more than happy to do so. After filling in a few times, George was asked to audition and was ultimately chosen to be a full-time member of the band; the rest is Thunderstruck history…

What they say

Awesome band. would never know they are a cover band. They have so much heart and spirit and it truly shines through in every performance.

Seana Penney
Historic Morganton Festival, Morganton, NC

One of the best concerts I’ve experienced! You guys are the real deal and me and girlfriend left dumbfounded of how great the show was! Your hard work and dedication to be authentic shines bright and we are tracking your next shows to catch another one it was so AWSOME!! 

Kristie Mcdonald
Apps & Taps, Mooresville, NC

The best Angus I have ever seen. Jeff does Angus better than Angus.

Tommy Redd
Lead Guitar/Nantucket

As a lifelong fan of AC/DC, I tend to be a pretty tough judge of tributes... but when I saw Thunderstruck, they really impressed me!  Whether they're covering classics from the Bon Scott era or songs from the Brian Johnson catalog, Thunderstruck nails it!

Mark Arsen
Former 96Rock & WRDU personality

Whatever happens, you've got a hell of a voice.

To Lee Robinson when he auditioned for AC/DC

Angus Young

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