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Meet the Unknown Singer who Almost Became AC/DC's New Frontman

Lee Robinson of Thunderstruck

Lee Robinson, the relatively unknown frontman of AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck was nearly appointed as Brian Johnson’s replacement. And he’s not thrilled to have been snubbed by Axl Rose.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Robinson admitted that he initially thought it was an “elaborate hoax” when he was flown out to perform for the band, after hearing problems forced Brian Johnson to pull out of the tour.

“I thought it was all good, and [I got] good feedback from everybody,” he said. “In my own mind, no matter his fame or publicity, I’m as much of a rock star as Axl Rose, and I think everyone should live that way.”

What they say

The best Angus I have ever seen. Jeff does Angus better than Angus.

Tommy Redd
Lead Guitar/Nantucket

As a lifelong fan of AC/DC, I tend to be a pretty tough judge of tributes... but when I saw Thunderstruck, they really impressed me!  Whether they're covering classics from the Bon Scott era or songs from the Brian Johnson catalog, Thunderstruck nails it!

Mark Arsen
Former 96Rock & WRDU personality

Whatever happens, you've got a hell of a voice.

To Lee Robinson when he auditioned for AC/DC

Angus Young

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